Brand: Orthofix
Product Code: ortf-fgfw
Call for Price: (570) 449-4427

Galaxy Fixation


The Galaxy Fixation Wrist system’s new modular components are complementary to the the Galaxy Fixation system and specifically engineered for the treatment of complex distal radius fractures. They can be used in combination with all the Galaxy Fixation system elements to build several different frames giving great flexibility.

The Galaxy Wrist Fixation Systems new components are:

  • Wrist articulating module
  • Small multiscrew clamp-SHORT
  • Small multiscrew clamp-LONG
  • Ø 6 mm L-rod
  • Complete stand-alone instrumentation tray
  • ​MRI Conditional at 1.5T and 3T (please refer to the PQ GAL Instruction for Use for more details)
  • Compatible with the Galaxy Fixation system
  • Temporary and definitive fixation capability
  • Radiolucent for fracture site visibility
  • Ready to be used in sterile kit
  • Bridging and non-bridging applications are allowed to address a wide range of indications
  • Accessibility for other fixation devices (K-wires, screws, FFS and plates)
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Interested in these products?
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