Brand: Orthofix
Product Code: ortf-hex
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TL-HEX TrueLok Hexapod System

The TL-HEX TrueLok Hexapod System® Trauma fixator is a frame designed specifically for trauma application. The components belong to the circular system family of TrueLok Ring Fixation System and TL-HEX TrueLok Hexapod System®. The system consists of circular and semi-circular external supports secured to the bones by wires and half pins and interconnected by three rapid adjust struts. The ring positions are adjusted rapidly to perform bone segment repositioning in three-dimensional space thanks to specific connection elements (rapid adjust struts) dedicated to trauma application.

TL-HEX Trauma combines the advantages of a quick and simple application with the help of software to perform precise reduction adjustments, as and when it is needed.

Benefits to Surgeon

Simple – The TL-HEX provides simplified Hardware and Software for both Deformity and Trauma management.

Stable – The TL-HEX provides exceptional stability due to its unique aluminum-stainless steel and metal-plastic interface.

Versatile – The distinctive strut design allows performing acute and gradual adjustment in deformity correction and complex trauma procedures.​​

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Benefits to Patient

  • Stability with proven limited movements at the bone site may enhance the bone healing and pain reduction 0.5mm increments in the correction permits a gradual correction of the deformity
  • Aluminum rings make the system lighter
  • Dedicated support material for patients of different arguments
  • No need of a second surgery for removal (compared to internal fixation)
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