Brand: Orthofix
Product Code: ortf-mjf
Call for Price: (570) 449-4427


The New Metaizeau Nail

MJ-FLEX is an intramedullary implant system specifically designed for Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing (ESIN) fracture fixation. The principle of ESIN involves balanced nailing to provide elasticity and stability at the fracture site.

Benefits to Surgeon

  • Developed to allow a direct visual control of the alignment of the nail tip in the medullary canal, thus potentially reducing exposure to the image intensifier during insertion of the nail and the surgery time
  • The flat surface allows to bend the nail on a proper plane
  • Dedicated instrumentation for a streamlined operative technique
  • A great variety of nails in several diameters both in titanium and stainless steel

Benefits to Patient

  • Stability of the osteosynthesis in all planes due to the superior medullary canal filling than standard cylindrical nails
  • Developed to limit X-ray exposure during insertion due to the unique shape that allows visual control of nail orientation
  • A minimal invasiveness of the device
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Interested in these products?
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