Brand: Orthofix
Product Code: ortf-evo
Call for Price: (570) 449-4427

TrueLok EVO Ring Fixation System

The TrueLok™ EVO System is a modular circular external fixation system based on Ilizarov principles. TL-EVO consists of external supports (rings and footplates), variable length struts and a variety of connection elements that build the external frame.

The TL-EVO may also be used in hybrid frames with ProCallus Fixator, XCaliber™ Fixators, Galaxy Fixation™ System and Galaxy Fixation Gemini™.

Versatile, Stable, Simple

  • Standardized operative technique
  • Can be used as a bone fragments’ reduction tool

Easy to use

  • Radiolucent rings and struts also provided in pre-assembled frames
  • TL-EVO is the first circular fixator on the market available in different folded pre-assembled frames provided in sterile sets
  • Dedicated sterile packaging and sterile sets, ready-to-use

MRI Conditional

  • Rings and struts are made mainly of carbon fiber and have been tested according to the ASTM F2503 Standard


  • Dynamization is obtained without the need for any additional component


  • Rings and struts are made of carbon fiber and their radiolucency allows for easy visualization of the bone and the fracture site
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Interested in these products?
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