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Amniotic Membrane

The VersaShield amniotic membrane is designed to serve as a wound covering and protective barrier for a variety of surgical demands.



  • Derived from the human placental layers, amnion and chorion, these thin elastic membranes allow the tissue to conform to the surface or surgical site
  • Featuring excellent handling properties, the VersaShield amniotic membrane is flexible, easy to use and can be sized intra-operatively
  • Resorbs naturally and acts as a physiologic barrier or wound covering

The amniotic membrane is a multi-layered non-vascularized tissue found in the placenta. Amniotic tissues are comprised of a single layer of epithelial cells, a thick basement membrane, and a non-vascular stromal layer. Within the non-vascular stromal layer exists a fibrous layer consisting of various collagen types, including collagen III. Amniotic tissues have been used in surgical applications for an array of regenerative needs since the early 1900’s1-5. Lacking a pro​tective barrier, post-operative adhesions between adjacent tissues such as muscle, nerves, and fascia layers may result in scarring, reduced motion or pain.​​ MTF Biologics is the exclusive processor of the VersaShield amniotic membrane.

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