Brand: Orthofix
Product Code: ortf-tea
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Trinity Elite

Allograft with Viable Cells

The Trinity Elite™ allograft, a third generation allograft with viable cells, provides a unique alternative to autograft, long considered the standard for bone grafting. Exclusively processed for Orthofix by our premier partner, MTF Biologics, the Trinity Elite allograft builds on the exemplary safety profile of more than 350,000 Trinity Evolution™ and Trinity ELITE allograft procedures to date. The Trinity Elite allograft offers an enhanced handling experience, while providing a viable grafting alternative supplying the three physiologic and essential components for new bone formation:

  • Osteoconductive scaffold
  • Verified osteoinductive potential​​
  • A reliable number of cells retained within the bone matrix

In addition to these three essential elements for robust bone formation, the Trinity​ Elite allograft provides the unique feature of being fully moldable by the user.​

The Trinity Elite allograft is processed by MTF Biologics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality tissue. Each step in the processing of the Trinity Elite allograft is designed to maximize the health and viability of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and osteoprogenitor cells ​(OPCs). Research shows that MSCs decline with age, and as cells age, there are changes in differentiation and regeneration capacity.² In the Trinity Elite allograft, cell health begins with quality cells:

  • Strict donor screening standards
  • Time-sensitive processing and controlled-rate of freezing for optimal cell viability
  • Cryopreservation and storage in vapor-phase liquid nitrogen at -185˚C
  • Expiration dating that reflects real-time testing and must pass MTF’s stringent release criteria​
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