The IlluminOss system is a minimally invasive technology that allows for fracture repair and stabilization through the formation of a patient specific intramedullary implant.  Specifically designed for the repair and treatment of poor quality, compromised bone; eg osteoporotic or pathologic.  The IlluminOss system utilizes a light curable polymer contained within an expandable balloon catheter to create a patient conforming intramedullary implant for bone stabilization.

The revolutionary procedure is made through a small minimally invasive surgical approach, providing patients and clinicians with a fast, patient specific method of orthopedic bone stabilization.  The Company currently markets its products in the EU under a CE mark and in the USA under FDA clearance.  Founded in 2007, IlluminOss is headquartered in East Providence, RI.

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The IlluminOss System

World’s first minimally invasive, patient conforming polymer implant for fracture repair and stabilization.

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Interested in these products?
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