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  Proven Keel Fixation— Simplified Surgical Technique


Powered by Prodisc Core : At the heart of each prodisc device is prodisc CORE Technology, the articulating design feature that incorporates a fixed core and optimized core radius that together provide stability and controlled predictable motion. 4,5

This articulating design feature driving the kinematics of each prodisc device remains central to the reproducible positive clinical outcomes of the prodisc technology platform over the past 30 years. 

Implant Fixation

The low profile central keel featured on the prodisc C SK device provides immediate fixation.

Fit to Patient Anatomy

prodisc C SK incorporates a proven flat endplate design for optimized implant positioning.

Reduced Intraoperative Remodeling

The prodisc C SK device incorporates an anatomical trapezoidal footprint.

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Interested in these products?
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